The Gift of God's Healing

It is truly wonderful to witness a woman who becomes able to accept forgiveness from God and her child and then can forgive herself and others involved in the abortion. Her confession to God, forgiveness by God, and reconciliation with God comprise her admission ticket to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus’ healing kindness surpasses understanding and can only be fathomed through a willingness to accept God’s love and complete forgiveness. The Book of Joel (2:25-32) reads: “What the locusts have stolen God can replace sevenfold.” This conveys indeed a magnificently bountiful promise. The mental and emotional health that was stolen in the abortion is not forever lost nor can it just be meagerly fixed. God’s promise does not only reinstate who the person was before an abortion but wants to bring them into a greater fullness of life than they could ever imagine.

God offers consolation that can redefine who a person is and understand themselves to be. In this transformation, the relationship with an aborted baby also changes from a stressed relationship during the pregnancy, to a broken relationship after the abortion, to a restored and often deeply life-giving spiritual relationship in faith with the baby that Christians believe resides in heaven near the throne of God. It is at that point that a person with an abortion history also finds their true vocation in life. Once the abortion trauma is healed, they are freed to live in peace and joy and able to pass on the grace and healing they have received to others.

On this healing path, spiritual exercises and practices can help to speed up the process of healing and mitigate the consequences of abortion. Through forgiveness, spiritual practices, and seeking divine intervention, individuals can find solace, redemption, and ultimately, healing. There are different ways to heal. Some people take step by step, and others release a flood of shame, guilt, and regret all at once. Everybody will experience both breakthroughs and setbacks. It is often in moments of great conversion that healing occurs.

Part two of this book also includes information on:

Forgiveness by God

Reconcilliation with the aborted baby

Reconcilliation with Self

Reconcillation with Others

Developing a personal Relationship with God

The Restorative Power of Human Suffering

The Aborted Child's Role in Your Healing Process

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