Addiction and Recovery

Addictions can get you in a lot of trouble. Arguments with your spouse, hangovers, DWIs with their related court costs, missed work, neglecting children, etc. All these troubles cause you pain. Let's say they cause 50 units of pain. Staying sober is also very painful. There is the pain of life's stress without the sedative effects of alcohol or coping by drugs. There is also the pain associated with resisting the temptation to use. Just because you stopped drinking and drugging doesn't mean your freinds, family, and work problems automatically disappear. Your spouse may still want a divorce, you may still lose your job, etc. So let's say the pain of staying sober is also 50 units of pain. It's important to know that the pain of addiction will turn into 60, 70, & 80 units of pain, while the pain of staying sober will turn into 40, 30, and 20, units of pain. Choose well. The one exception is the dry drunk. Despite sobriety the dry drunk's pain continues to worsen.

In addition to my License as a Professional Counselor, I hold a specialized license as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. I can help you overcome your substance abuse problems by developing drug- and alcohol-free coping skills, learning relapse prevention skills, lessening your anger, preventing the dry drunk disorder from developing, viewing cravings as temptation with spiritual remedies, and much, much more. It is my professional opinion that Christian Counseling is the best hope for those enslaved by drugs and alcohol. The principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Celebrate Recovery are also very helpful to achieve abstinence from addictive substances.

Sinful and Non-Sinful Drinking
Alcoholics Virtually Beyond Hope
Drunken Idolatry
Generational Curses
The Drunk's Personality
The Spiritual Disease Model
The Biological Disease Model
Jellinek's Disease Model: The Original Disease Model
Free Workbok for Alcoholics
Co-Dependency Workbook
Relapse Prevention Workbook
SACRED SCIENCE - Healing the Heavy Drinker and Dry Drunk
Seedtime and Harvest
Important Prayers for all Heavy Drinkers and Dry Drunks
Heavy Drinkers and Dry Drunks are Unwilling to Embrace the Pain of Recovery


Jesus said, "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." This illustrates that even though the physical act of adultery was not committed, the sin was committed. Likewise, the sin of drunkenness can be committed without actually drinking. So I tell you the truth, the dry drunk is guilty of drunkenness because they are drunks at heart. The dry drunk is still a slave to alcohol, still loves to get drunk and is still inordinately attached to drunkenness. Unless they completely lose their interior attachment to drunkenness they will remain a dry drunk. The good news is that the dry drunk disorder can be healed.

Except for a bonafide genuine miracle, once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, but the dry drunk disorder can be healed by less extraordinary means like Professional Christian Counseling and the dry drunk's hard work.

The Dry Drunk Personality
Dry Drunks Have a Psychological, Not a Spiritual Awakening
Dry Drunks are Spiritual but Not Religious
Dry Drunks Stop by Willpower, not Surrender
Dry Drunks are Sober for Worldly Reasons, not Spiritual Reasons
The Dry Drunk's Recovery is Based on Works, not Faith
Dry Drunks have a Behavioral, not Interior Change
Dry Drunks can't Forgive

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