The Crisis Pregnancy


During a crisis pregnancy, there are so many mitigating circumstances that only God can judge the woman's heart (or the heart of anyone else involved). 

The Mother's Crisis Pregnancy

Women who have aborted a child are predominantly good people in daunting situations. The vast majority are not coldhearted, but their overwhelming problems blur out the big moral decision at hand. Often, the mother fully understands that it goes against her maternal instincts and conscience.  While most pregnancies come with mixed emotions, a woman experiences a crisis pregnancy when real or imagined stressors overshadow the joy of the growing life inside her.  In her heart, she may want her baby to live, but there are problems outside of her control that she does not know how to overcome. This can be in the real sense of a father who pressures or leaves her, a family that is ashamed of her, or even financial pressures. It can also be in a perceived sense where she might have assumed a narrative where abortion is trivial, and children could be planned at more opportune times, or not be born at all.  While in crisis, many women cry to God for help as deep inside, they can feel this new life forming. Very often have we heard that a woman, had she only one person backing her, would have chosen life.

When a woman finds herself in crisis, her awareness of the new life forming within her body might be crushed by the overwhelming pressures and uncertainties. Often, a woman finds herself totally alone with an enormous decision that is trivialized by the media and mainstream culture but is, in fact, about life and death. She is caught between a rock and a hard place, suffering a high-pressure double bind, so under duress, she chooses abortion. Unfortunately, during a crisis pregnancy, women focus more on the short-term solution instead of its long-term consequences. Hindsight is 20/20, but during a crisis pregnancy, hindsight does not exist.  

Once a woman has had an abortion, she has lost a baby, and she carries responsibility and a life-long burden of sorrow. In order to help her, the Christian counselor must offer clarity. The sixth commandment says, "Thou shalt not kill." To gloss over the fact that abortion is killing does not help a woman because it robs her of the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of life and the God who created it. And it is not fair to the woman, who knows in her heart that her child was killed.  God is unimaginably loving and merciful. We have seen many cases where a woman has experienced a profound conversion and the joy that comes with it. Women who are willing to learn about the consequences of sin such as abortion can move on to reconciliation with God, which promises to give them an entirely new chance at life and restore a loving spiritual relationship with their baby in heaven.

During our many years ministering to women after abortion, we have witnessed that great peace, joy, and fruitfulness are possible even after a woman has aborted her own child. We sincerely want every woman who aborted a child, and especially those living under extreme shame and guilt, to find this peace and joy in God.

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