Our New Book

"Healing the Post Abortive Soul"

Will be availabile October 2024

Everything on this page and all the following pages about abortion are short excerpts from the full book 

We wrote this book because we want to help heal hurting souls. It is not meant to judge, diagnose, or assign a label. Neither is it meant to invalidate a woman’s post-abortive experience that might differ from what is included in this book.

This book emphasizes the significance of acknowledging the impact of abortion on both men and women, although its main focus lies in addressing the profound emotional wounds experienced by women. While men are briefly discussed, the primary aim is to explore how abortion affects the emotional well-being of women. For further insights into men's experiences with abortion, we suggest reading Redeeming a Father's Heart: Men Share Powerful Stories of Abortion Loss and Recovery by Kevin Burke LSW, David Wemhoff, and Marvin Stockwell.

Healing the Post-Abortive Soul offers a unique perspective on post-abortion experiences, providing fresh insights not commonly found in existing literature. It is firmly rooted in Christian principles, bridging the gap between psychology and theology. The manuscript delves into the various ways in which crisis pregnancies and abortion can lead to spiritual, psychological, behavioral, emotional, and marital challenges.

It also offers guidance on how individuals can mitigate the negative effects of abortion by incorporating ascetic practices from the Christian faith. By integrating Christian theology with psychology, the book seeks to facilitate healing and restoration for those impacted by abortion, ultimately leading them back to God and the Church. Its intended audience includes individuals who have undergone abortions, mental health professionals, pro-life advocates, seminarians, religious practitioners, and clergy members.

The book addresses the aftermath of crisis pregnancies and the temptation to resort to abortion. It draws parallels with agricultural metaphors, illustrating that just as planting a tomato seed yields tomatoes, the decision to undergo abortion can lead to destructive consequences in one's life. The healing journey is likened to planting seeds in a garden, where positive actions and repentance for past sins are essential. By cooperating with God's grace through spiritual, psychological, and medical interventions, individuals can begin to sow the seeds of restoration and healing in their lives. However, through divine intervention and the mercy of Jesus, individuals can experience profound healing and reconciliation with God, their lost children, and others involved in the abortion experience.

This book is about the potential for healing the hearts and souls of women who have had an abortion and the families and friends who participated in the decision or suffer alongside them through states of confusion, depression, and other post-abortive disorders.

Healing comes from God’s mercy toward every living soul. The Lord heals the sick soul, purifies the impure heart, illuminates darkened minds, and cleans guilty consciences. We believe that there are steps that can be taken to open one self up to God’s healing and to remove the hurdles that block us from receiving the inner peace that only God can give. In God’s mercy, everyone is invited to receive His healing. We fervently hope that every woman with an abortion in her life will progress from victim to survivor, to thriver, to become the child of God the Lord intends her to be.

Conclusion to Part One and Introduction to Part Two

This concludes the first half of our book. In it we explored how the devil, the spirit of the world, and our fallen nature collide in a perfect storm to destroy the soul of people who participated in an abortion. We framed abortion as the mortal sin it actually is and elaborated on its temporal consequences which manifest in myriad psychological, spiritual, emotional, relational, and cognitive behavioral problems. We also salted this section with nuggets of hope by encouraging reconciliation with God, the child, and others. 

In the second half of this book we recommend many tried and true methods to help heal the hurting post abortive soul. The path to healing from all forms of post-abortion trauma requires a comprehensive approach, with God's grace being primary, the counselor’s gifts and talents being secondary, and also necessary, the willingness and ability of the person seeking renewal to cooperate with God’s grace, all these play a vital role that cannot be underestimated.