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Licensed Professional Counseling from a Christian Perspective

Today you can be one step closer to living a more satisfying life with less stress.  Some benefits from counseling include: Saving your Marriage, Managing Anxiety, Depression, and Anger, Improving Communication, Boosting Self Confidence, Learning how to Stop Abuse, Learning how to Forgive and Move Forward, Decreasing Temptation for Drugs, Alcohol, and Pornography.

At Christian Counseling of Texas we are psychologically trained mental health professionals who integrate our knowledge, skills, and abilities with our Christian faith.  Rest assured that your fundamental Christian beliefs are valued.  We think blending scientific counseling and Christian counseling is a wonderful specialization because it's a match made in heaven.  We are experts in giving you the best of both. 

We provide professional counseling from a Christian perspective to address spiritual, psychological, emotional and mental health issues. Our approach is on identifying solvable problems, setting realistic goals, applying interventions, examining progress, and measuring outcomes. 

Grace and Peace,

Steven Kopor MA, MBA, LPC-S, LCDC, BCPCC (About Steve)
Betsy Kopor,  MA, LPC, LCDC (About Betsy)

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