Rachel's Vineyard

Do you hear the Lord gently calling you?

If you are hurting, please know that you're not alone.  An abortion wound runs deep.  It can be emotional, psychological and spiritual.  These wounds have the potential to negatively impact every aspect of your life and relationships, making it difficult to move forward -- or many times, to move at all.  We understand.  We've been there.  The first step to finding hope and healing is giving yourself permission to do so.  This can be the hardest part.  Take courage, He is calling you.  Contact us and let us help you be set free!                             

Rachel Ministries  provides a variety of programs and services designed to assist in the emotional and spiritual recovery after an abortion experience.  There is hope and healing waiting for you, but you must first give yourself permission to begin the healing process and find that place within yourself that allows for forgiveness of both yourself and others.  It is this initial step that must first be taken before hope can find its way into your heart once more.  

To contact Rachel Ministries in the Dallas Fort Worth area call 817-923-4757 and checkout their web page   www.Racheltx.org

One of the reasons the Rachel's Vineyard retreat is so effective is because people can become honest about their abortion for the very first time, knowing everything is very confidential. Generally, the more open and honest people can be on a retreat, the more complete their healing. If you apply yourself fully to the retreat, often God's kindness can be absolutely totally amazing.

The retreat is a redemptive community. We surround the retreatants with sacrificial love, non-judgmental listening, compassion, empathy, and most importantly, the experiential aspects of Jesus' healing community. The more we can help you experience God's grace, not just tell them about it, the better.

The retreat is soaked in prayer. Team members pray for the retreats success in healing souls. We contact many people for intercessory prayer, we also have a prayer partner for each retreatant. We prepare like soldiers going to war. There is also ample prayer time structured into the retreat. 

Grace & Peace to you

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