Pornography and Recovery

Since the introduction of the internet, pornography use has skyrocketed. Before the internet, pornography could only be purchased in adult stores which made it difficult for adults, but impossible for children. There is scientific evidence that indicates pornography and cocaine release identical neurotransmitters. Regardless of the pornography user's neurotransmitters, pornography is intrinsically evil and a grave sin. It is often a gateway to marital infidelity.

If You are Personally Addicted - If you are suffering from addiction to pornography, with God's healing kindness, the counselor's skill set and your hard work, many are delivered and set free from the vice of pornography. Go to the pornography links at the bottom of this page. Meet with a counselor, talk with your pastor, read books on being healed, but most importantly, pray, pray, and pray. Ask for as much intercessory prayer as your pride will allow, and then go a little past your comfort zone, and ask even more to pray for you. Depending on your church affiliation, participating in the Sacraments or attending a deliverance service can be very helpful.

If Someone You Love is Addicted - Someone you love is addicted to pornography. My first recommendation is get as much control over computers, cell phones, video games, and social media as fast as possible.

Computers - Install accountability and filtering software. Here are some helpful sites:,,

Cell Phones - Install software to monitor texts, pictures, and video messages. Similar software can be found for tablets and pads. Here are some helpful sites:,, and Also, if it is a child accessing pornography by cell phone, consequent the child by getting them a phone with no data plan.

Video Games - There is software to limit pornography accessed through video games. Here are some helpful sites: and

Television - Block all pornography, adult and mature content. There are websites which give movie reviews from a Christian perspective. They are: and

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